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Anyone Can Meditate With Mija Speakman

Mental preparation is key to an athletes success in meeting goals, clearing doubt and keeping the body healthy by creating more physical and breath awareness. Join Mija for this meditation 101 session where you will learn tangible meditation tools to quiet your mind. You will learn how to sit during meditation and three meditation techniques to finally quiet that monkey in your mind! Mija will teach a body scan, mantra (a statement or slogan repeated frequently) and visualization to still the chatter in the mind so that you can take your fitness to the next level. You will learn 5 easy steps you can take right away to bring meditation into your own life.

Balancing Strength With Flexibility With Kaylon Woods

In this class we explore the relationship between strength and flexibility. This class is suited for all but calls to anyone seeking a powerful balancing flow utilizing both muscle strength and flexibility. This class is focused to encourage athletes and/or weight trainers alike the benefits of having balance in the body and how a strong yoga practice can help with performance and sustainability. The flow will also promote awareness to stability and alignment.

Inner Fire Power Flow With Gina Fennell

Join Gina to ignite your inner athletic fire. If you have lost motivation or drive in your fitness this class is for you! Gina will bring strength and power into your body and mind. This class is for people who want a challenging physical experience that will build muscle and endurance.

Yoga With Lilias

Join Lilias Folan, the first lady of yoga, for a gentle flow yoga class. As one of the great pioneers of yoga, Lilias makes yoga accessible to everyone. Lilias teaches in a manner that is inviting, not intimidating, so don’t miss this class especially if yoga seems difficult or out of reach for you. Lilias will go slowly through the postures, pulling them apart, and being clear about details and alignment so you can easily follow as a beginner. Seasoned practitioners are welcome too! Lilias’ expert knowledge of yoga is not to be missed. This session is truly for all levels and modifications with be provided.

Motivation To Move With Mike Whisman

Any exercise routine can be difficult to maintain. Running is especially hard to sustain because of monotonous nature of the motion, the repetitive routes, and discouraging injuries runners face on a regular basis. It is easy to lose focus and motivation. Trail runner and ultramarathon Race Director Mike Whisman explores real-life stories of lost motivations and practical tactics for maintaining or jump-starting your motivation engine.

Hooping Happiness With Morgan Leigh Junkerman

This class will cover the basics of hula hoop movement including on body and off body moves. We will start with a warm up, the classic waist hooping and begin to explore hula hooping on other parts of the body and a few tricks from there. Hula hooping is so great for athletes to open the hips and get the body moving in a different way. If this class makes you nervous or unsure then you should definitely be there! Hula hoops will be provided to borrow, but feel free to bring your own if you have one!

Sound Therapy Massage For Athletes With Ron Esposito

Sports massage can come in many different forms. Massage using the hands can go only as deep as the muscle tissue allows. In this session your body will receive a deep cellular massage utilizing the sounds of the singing bowls. Sound vibrations can be used to increase blood flow, reduce inflammation, aid in recovery from injury and to reduce trauma. Many athletes hold subconscious tensions from using the same muscles over and over in training and competing. Don’t miss this session if you are ready to harness the harmonious power of the singing bowls to boost your performance. Ron Esposito will present this sound therapy massage featuring ten quartz crystal singing bowls and four Tibetan brass singing bowls.

Yoga Flow To Recover After A Workout With Erin Trentel

Stability and mobility are key tenets in fitness as well as in our yoga practice. In this flow class, focused on recovery, we will use gentle movement as our guide, as we spend dedicated time on mindful full-range movement for all major joints and muscle groups, to cultivate a greater sense of stability and mobility within ourselves. You will leave this class with tools to nourish your hard working body.

The Joy Is In The Journey With Lilias Folan

In her trademark soothing, upbeat personal style Lilias shares ways to guide your journey one step, one breath at a time. This will be a fun & enjoyable talk to start the morning. You will learn practical skills to manage life’s stressful moments and connect with your bliss body.

Improve Performance With Essential Oils With Elyse Camulli Jarard

Essential oils can boost athletic performance by helping to keep the body clean, reduce muscle soreness and increasing energy. Elyse will share the science behind how essential oils work on your body, the different ways you can use them as well as the specific oils that will help to improve your fitness. There are a variety of oils that can improve your breathing, increase positivity, reduce inflammation, promote better flexibility and enhance relaxation. Don’t miss this magical way you can take your fitness to the next level.

Fit Feet 5k Trail Run With Heather Feather

Join Heather for this 90-minute session which will focus on how to take better care of your feet so you can enjoy your running life! We will start with learning the 4 Magic Foot Foot Stretches that helped her kick plantar fasciitis to the curb. You will also learn how to properly land on your feet while you run. Then, we will hit the trail for an easy 3-miles where you can practice what you learned. It’s time to treat your feet with more love, so don’t miss this class!

Blaze A Trail To Meditation With Laura Strachan

Join Laura for a silent, easy 3-mile hike. During this hike we will connect with nature and ourselves, the beautiful and the mysterious. The silent hike will allow us to be super present, exploring how we walk and show up in the world. Expect the experience to be profound and impactful as we bring ourselves back into the balance and natural flow of our own thoughts. As we disconnect from sources of stress we can begin to notice the open sky, an invitation to start relaxing and opening up. We will dive into our breath and all of our senses cultivating a feeling of gratitude and appreciation for all that is around us. As we observe the constant change in nature we can practice observing the constant changes and shift in our thoughts. This is meditation. By watching nature we can begin to understand meditation and we will be guided to a new level of awareness.

Meditation For Hikers, Runners & Athletes With Heather Feather

Join Heather Feather for this visualization meditation session in which you will learn how to run happier & with more energy, avoid injury, become more pain tolerant and be inspired to take your fitness to the next level. Come and experience how meditation improves mood so that exercise begins to feel like a reward and less like a chore. You will learn how to relax your body so that tension doesn’t sneak in to steal your energy during a hike, run or workout. Through meditation we learn to know our body in a deeper way so you will be able to choose your workouts wisely to avoid injury. You will learn how to be more present and so you can let go of the bigger task at hand such as a completing a marathon.

Roll Away To Release Muscle Tension With Wendy Anderson

Join us as we “roll away” stress and tension in the body and mind! We will begin with some flowing yoga postures and breath work to help integrate our awareness into the physical body. We will then move into some deep tissue and myofascial release work using foam rollers and rubber balls, learning how to use these tools to relieve muscle tension and soreness and even to help address misalignments and imbalances in the physical body. We will then enjoy some yin yoga poses (longer holdings) with our new found openness, and end with a deep guided relaxation. Please bring your yoga mat, but all other props will be provided.

Handstands & How To Have More Fun With Your Fitness With Tonya Butler

Handstands not only make us stronger and more confident, but they also help us cultivate a more playful approach to life. Do you take your fitness life too seriously? Are you always checking your watch and race times when you run? Are you always doing the same races and events? If any of these are you then you need to take this class. Tonya will help you step out of the box, have some fun and give you the permission not to take yourself so seriously. This class will challenge you and teach you how to build core strength and confidence. You will learn the connections that will help you take off and feel stronger in your body. All levels are welcome and plenty of modifications will be offered.

Enhance Your Fitness With Ayurveda With Layla Gilman Reed

Learn how simple Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle tips can enhance your athletic performance and overall fitness. We’ll explore the three doshas and how they may be affecting your game. You’ll learn how this holistic healing system approaches you as an individual so you can be your best no matter your age, your sport, or your level of proficiency.

Trail Running, Poetry & Sasquatch With Christopher Dwyer

Soak up some poetry, get dirty, laugh, move in nature and connect with your local/wild terrain. In this session we will explore the hidden beauty of Cincinnati trails, review how to run freely and safely on the terrain, and indulge in the philosophical, sometimes mischievous, elements of trail running (with a backdrop of shared poetry). After a trail run, chances are, you struggle to put into the exact right words how to capture the glowing feeling you get before you re-enter the atmosphere of society. What is the humdrum of traffic compared to the rings of Saturn?! That feeling, like the Tao itself, is lost as soon as it is given a name. But among the trees, we will share literal and metaphorical poetry – using language to go beyond language, using hustle to go beyond the hustle and bustle, using our bodies to go beyond the confines of the body, using the good Earth to go extra-terrestrial! *No poetry-writing required*

Mellow Meadow & Creek Exploration With Gina Wesley

Join Gina for a 1.5 or 3-mile easy hike where you can immerse yourself in the beautiful sights and sounds of nature. You choose your distance and adventure. You will enjoy the bubbling sounds of the creek and the calming scenery of the meadow as well as conversation with friends. Many Cincinnati hikers believe the stream flowing through French Park to be the most scenic in the city. This leisurely hike is great for beginners and might be just what you need right after lunch. Please wear trail running shoes or hiking boots and bring water. Hiking poles are encouraged if you have difficulty with balance.

Trail Run & Learn Tips To Run Your First 50k With Dave Corfman

Don’t let a 50k scare you! Join Dave for an easy 3-mile trail run while learning easy, doable, tangible tips to run your first 50k. You will learn how training for an ultra is different from marathon training, essentials on what to eat and drink during the run in order to finish a 50K trail race, equipment considerations (ie. clothes, shoes, bottle carriers, drop bags), how not to get lost (a common problem for novices), the best strategies for dealing with hills, and how to best recover immediately after the race and in the weeks that follow.

Restore & Melt With Barb Morsa

After a full day of fun, food and community, join Barb in the Shala to melt into this deeply nourishing restorative yoga experience. Learn how yoga props can enhance relaxation and recovery after a run/hike/workout. Barb will teach you how to use blocks, straps, blankets and bolsters in this 90-minute session. The class will incorporate restorative asana with soothing breath work and mindfulness techniques, including a final deep relaxation. Props will be available, but please bring your set-up if you have one. You will leave feeling totally relaxed and with tools you can use at home!

Go The Distance With Mike Whisman

This session is for advanced runners who want to go 6 miles in 75 minutes (12:30 pace). How do you maintain a consistent pace on trails where the terrain is constantly changing? Answer: it’s nearly impossible! But there are techniques we can learn from each other to push our average pace lower and lower despite our “raw speed” abilities. In “Going The Distance” we will share several techniques for accelerating and decelerating at the right times, conserving energy, and know when to “push.”

Take It Easy Music & Meditation Hike With Laura Strachan & Jonathan White

Join Laura and Jonathan for this unique hiking experience. You will enjoy an easy 3-mile hike through French Park with a stop mid-hike to experience meditation in nature paired with the calming acoustic guitar sounds from Jonathan. You won’t forget this experience as you dive in and wake up all of your senses.

Elevate Cincinnati

Join Heather and friends for a 30 minute dance party to celebrate and wrap up Elevate Cincinnati. Heather will have a rockin’ playlist for you to shake your booty and celebrate the amazing day! Don’t miss this! You will let go of anything holding you back from taking your fitness and life to the next level. This is the time to leave any junk behind as you step into a new season and way of being.